A chicken Tractor is basically a mobile chicken house that lacks a floor. It is designed to be easily moved so that the chickens can eat, scratch and fertilize in one area, then be moved to a fresh area periodically. My dad and I have been building a chicken tractor and it was really run!
Do you all remember working with your parents when your were a kid. If you grew up rurally, it was probably a daily occurrence. Feeding animals, mowing property, repairing structures, building fences, working cows…the list goes on and on. The thing about working with your parents when you are a kid, is they were doing more for teaching than anything. You probably weren’t helping as much as you thought. Big thanks to my mom and dad for their patience and willingness to teach.
Two weekends ago, my dad and I started to tackle the chicken tractor and it was so fun. I can’t tell you how fun it is to work with my dad! Like most farmers and ranchers, he is a “Jack of all Trades” and I always learn from the experience. We followed a plan from John Sucsovich who is a fellow regenerative farmer that focuses on poultry. We made a couple of mistakes when starting, but hit our stride and got the front part of it done. The main concern with this model is the wind that occurs in the area and how this tractor will hold up. If you aren’t familiar with Nowata county in Oklahoma, it is on the bottom of the prairie and the wind there is something special. We will complete it this weekend and can’t wait to show you the finished tractor. The chickens that will reside there will be happy, healthy and tasty birds!